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GSM Smart Switch Mini (Eco Range) – 2G & 4G

GSM Smart Switch Mini (Eco Range) – 2G & 4G

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The GSM Smart Switch Mini (eco range) enables you to turn on your electric devices from anywhere in the world, using your phone as the controller

  • The GSM Smart Switch has been designed to operate electric equipment by using your mobile phone or land line.
  • It is very easy to install and operate with no complicated coding required, just plug in and go.
  • Simply dial or text the simcard number to operate the relay.
  • If you call the unit it will reject the call so you are not charged.
  • You will receive a text acknowledgement to say relay on or off.
  • INPUT – 12/24vdc (115vac & 240vac available)
  • 1 x Output Relay – 3 AMP N/O or N/C volt free.
  • Phone list for added security of up to 50 stored numbers.
  • You can set the timer for seconds or minutes. (max 999 minutes)
  • Pulse Function
  • Sim Active Function.
  • Dimensions – L100 x W68 x H50mm
  • Dimensions PCB Only: L95 x W67mm
  • Quad band freq – 850, 900, 1800, 1900mhz
  • Operating Temperature: -10…+40°C
  • Text for signal strength


Overview of the GSM Smart Switch Mini (eco range)

The GSM Smart Switch Mini (eco range) is a UK manufactured GSM Switch. It enables you to attach and activate your electronic devices enabling using your mobile phone from anywhere in the world. This can prove to be very useful in a variety of situations! Simply call or text the unit to switch your device on or off. You can also text the GSM Smart Switch with an amount of time you want your device on for. This can range from 1 – 999 minutes or you can pulse the relay for 7 seconds. The GSM Smart Switch will then send an acknowledgment text back so you know it has taken your command and provide a status report on both relays. The product comes ready assembled so there is no drilling or building required. Simply unscrew the lid and insert your sim card.

How the GSM Smart Switch Mini (eco range) works

Simply wire into your electronic devices/systems to the unit by connecting two wires into the removable connector headers from our unit into the device you are connecting it to. This then links the multi switch to your device. We offer full support on installations so if you are unsure please phone or email us and we can let you know where the wires should go.

Why choose the GSM Smart Switch Mini (eco range)

All of our products are made in Britain and have worldwide capabilities. They use Quadband frequency and 2G or 4G technology. However, recently countries such as USA have started to turn their 2G networks off. They will soon only use the 4G network. For this reason we now offer the GSM Multi Switch on both 2G and 4G networks using 12v, 115v or 240v versions. The box is small and durable. They can be used inside or outside as they are perfectly weathered in an IP65 rated enclosure. Furthermore, they have also been tested in high heat and freezing weather conditions.

We are frequent traders throughout Europe, Australia and America. We are so confident in the products reliability & durability that we now offer a two year product warranty and will replace any faulty models in that timescale. As we manufacture these models ourselves we can offer modifications to the units to meet your requirements. If you need something different from this listing please contact us directly as most of the time we can implement a simple program change at no extra cost.

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