GSM Van Alarm

GSM Protect – Anti Theft Alarm with GPS 

The GSM Protect is a vehicle alarm with GSM, 3G, wireless and GPS capabilities. When the wired or wireless sensor is triggered, it will call and text the user within seconds. It will also sound the high decibel siren. The unit can be tracked using its onboard GPS in the event of total vehicle theft.

GSM Auto Dialer

The GSM Activate Auto Dialer. A versatile unit that can be attached to many of your electronic devices. For example, in your homes, work, gardens or wherever you need it. When triggered it will alert you using GSM technology and send you a text message or a phone call to your mobile phone. Therefore, alerting you immediately to a problem/failure/status change.

GSM Auto Dialler

GSM Gate Intercom

The GSM Gate Intercom incorporates a professional industrial grade GSM engine. This receives calls at its SIM number, allowing you to control access to your property. The system operates in the GSM module Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900Mhz. Now available in either 2G or 3G

GSM Gate Opener

GSM Gate Opener is our basic model of gate opening systems. This will enable you to control your gates using your mobile phone as the controller.  It is very easy to setup, install and use. Furthermore, saving you money on expensive keyfobs replacements.