Where to Buy Farm Alarms Online – 10th August 2015

Have you yet to install a security system on your premises? Have you recently been the victim of a burglary? Perhaps you’d like to secure an outbuilding?

We all should be able to feel safe and keep our assets safe. It’s true that you can’t put a price on security, but that saying is more relevant to multi-national corporations who can afford to fork out for the latest and most technologically advanced integrated security systems. For homeowners on a budget, you might need to be more realistic over what you can afford, what you need in the way of security, and what will give you good value for money.

GSM alarms offer excellent value for money, and they are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. If an intruder is detected on the premises then you will be alerted to this fact by way of a text message or telephone call. If you have a large shed or an outbuilding – such as on a farm or with an agricultural building – that you want to secure, then GSM alarms are an excellent solution.

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Where to Get Alarms for Mobiles – 23rd February 2015

With the GSM auto dialler you can program the unit directly from your mobile phone, so to make any changes you don’t even need to travel to the site. The unit uses a phone SIM card which can be easily inserted into the mobile phone by the user. The GSM alarm dialler is used in many different applications, including security for intruder alarms, fire alarms, and machinery monitoring, for example with temperature changes.

The GSM dialler can keep the user informed of any changes or problems on-site. If a problem does occur, an SMS text message can be sent or a call made to the user to notify them of any disturbance or change on-site. In this way, the GSM auto dialler is a communicator and a security system all in one. A useful device, the user can be miles away from their property or place of work and yet they can instantly be informed if an intruder’s on the premises or if the fire alarm goes off. This device will give you, the user, peace of mind that everything is ok on your premises.

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PIR Alarms Online – 4th August 2014
Most opportunist burglars will be deterred by the sounding of an alarm. In order to reduce your chances of being burgled, the installation of a comprehensive alarm system is essential.

The portable GSM alarm or the PIR alarm is a surveillance system in the form of a mobile phone. This wireless device monitors and guards your property and possessions wherever you are in the world. Simply place the portable alarm into the area that needs protecting and activate the PIR alarm using the keypad. No mains electrical power point is needed. The GSM alarm can be placed anywhere and in any type of indoor environment, whether it be a boat, a shed, a garage, a caravan, or in any room of a property.

PIR Alarms contain PIR detectors which are an important part of any burglar alarm system. If an intruder is detected inside your property then your chosen contact number on your mobile phone will be sent a text message or a free phone call alerting you to their presence. The PIR alarm is portable and can be carried around in a bag or pocket. This allows you to always remain aware of what’s going on in your property.

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Boat Alarms Online – 12th May 2014
Ensure your Boat is secure and safe

If you own a river or ocean going vessel you will want the peace of mind that nobody has stolen or damaged it. Boats are often pretty isolated when moored and unoccupied boats are particularly at risk from vandalism and theft. To ensure you boat does not fall victim to crime, fitting a GSM boat alarm is a prudent.


How GSM Boat Alarms Work

GSM boat alarms allow you to not only secure your boat with an alarm, but to set the alarm to alert you if it is being burgled or damaged. The alerts can be sent to your smartphone so that it you are alerted straight away. It can also be sent to other devices of your choosing as well.

Though you may not be able to get to the boat before something horrible happens, you will at least be able to alert the authorities or the owners of the mooring at the very least. They will be in a position to investigate and hopefully stop the crime occurring.

The other aspect you may want to consider in addition to a GSM boat alarm is CCTV. This can also be wired into your smartphone in the form of an app. This also provides peace of mind if you just want to check your boat is ok. All you have to do is open the app to make sure everything is as it should be.

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