As manufacturers for these GSM units we also can offer our expertise in helping you with any projects where you need a GSM Solution, we can achieve this by software and hardware changes to our existing product range or even designing a whole new board through to full manfacturing using our PCB Assembly team based in Shoreham-by-Sea, Sussex. Please call the GSM Activate Technical Team on 01798 861 346  to discuss any queries you have, but please note would need an intial order of around 50 units for a full board design plus prototype build,

Trade Pricing

For installers / distributors / wholesalers worldwide please contact us at sales@ for our trade price band

PCB Gate Repair

When a PCB fails it is often the case a new one is required. Usually they’re expensive or worse still – obsolete. A whole machine could be rendered useless if a replacement PCB is not available. There is, however, the possibility a board can be repaired.

Boards that have become obsolete may contain components still available today. Provided the components are identifiable, there is a very good chance a repair is possible.
If you are spending a fortune on replacement PCBs or discover that the board is obsolete, why not contact me to see if I can help. Often, it is more economical to replace the faulty parts than to replace the entire board. You wouldn’t replace your car every time a headlamp failed, or a tyre punctured!
If you think this service could be of use to you, feel free to contact me at
or Ring 01798 861 346
Unfortunately, not all boards can be repaired especially those containing microcontrollers (single chip computers with proprietary software built in) or specialised components that are no longer available. Manufacturers often secure their software within microcontroller ICs to protect their intellectual property. Should the microcontroller fail, only the original equipment’s manufacturer is likely to be able to help – usually with a new PCB. However, in my experience, microcontroller failure is rare even though other components around it may have failed.
All you need to do is send your PC board into us for repair, we will repair within five days, if for some reason we are unable to repair we will send it back to you with no charge.
Please give as much information as possible to help a speedy return, ie the fault description and
make / model if possible.
A standard charge of £39 + post if we repair your pcb
Do not pay until we can confirm your PCB has been repaired.
Please make sure you have Recorded Signed for post
The Address to send to is: