GSM Auto Dialers

We at GSM Activate understand that securing your homes, workplaces and garages is of paramount importance to our customers. Our aim is to provide a brand our customers can trust. Therefore, ensuring reliability, compatability, and durability. Our dedicated manufacturing team designs the GSM Auto Dialer that works with the latest GSM technology. Ultimately, providing our customers with a high quality auto dialer systems they can trust.

What does the GSM Auto Dialer Do?

Customers will receive instant notifications of status changes or problems by using our GSM Auto Dialer. When the auto dialer triggered it will send an instant text to alert you to the change. For example, this could be that the burglar or fire alarm has been triggered. Or for temperature monitoring, that the temperature has increased or declined. Therefore, providing you with instant home, work or garage security.

What is 2G and 3G

The digital mobile network uses either 2G or 3G. This enables individuals to communicate using mobile calls and text messages. The 3G network handles voice and data more effectively. Therefore, we expect over time for the 2G network to eventually be switched off and for the 3G network to become the dominant network in the UK. This has already happened in some parts of the country and in some countries worldwide. We would ask that customers check the signal and whether 2G or 3G is active where they want to use their GSM unit prior to purchasing.

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