GSM Multi Switch

Technology is forever evolving. Our dedicated team at GSM Activate notice this and have designed and manufactured the GSM Multi Switch. Customers can connect the unit to their electrical appliances at home or work. Therefore, enabling remote access and control.

Installing and Programming

Connect the unit to a number of electrical appliances including heating and air conditioning systems as well as CCTV systems. The Multi Switch can be installed indoors as well as outside as it is housed within a perfectly weathered box. Ultimately, creating a versatile GSM Multi Switch system.

The GSM Multi Switch uses the latest GSM technology as well as the 2G and 3G networks. Therefore, creating a unit that can be used worldwide. It is designed with ease of use in mind. Therefore, once set up, customers simply have to either send a text command or call the unit to switch on or off the connected appliance. For example, text the unit when leaving work to turn on the heating system to ensure a warm home on arrival.


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