Wired Invisible Barrier Beam

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These Wired Invisible Barrier Beams can be used as an add on to our GSM Auto Dialler so you receive a text message with the beams are broken.

  • Intelligent Power Transmission – Independent development of the chip can automatically sense ambient changes according to the environmental conditions.
  • It will automatically adjust to the radio’s transmit power therefore extending the life of the launching tube, while also lowering power.
  • Cable, bus compatible, holographic spot real-time reporting.
  • Full-function diagnostics, environmental adaptive, fault lock.
  • Digital Fuzzy Artificial Intelligence Identification: Using artificial intelligence fuzzy judgments, false positives to a minimum.
  • Patent coaxial dual focal length precision optical aspheric focusing lens.
  • Dedicated DSP chip, patented multi-dimensional fault-tolerant, real detection alarm technology.
  • Optical lens up and down while structural adjustments, to adjust faster and more accurate.
  • Professional CPU chips, strong anti-interference



Overview of the Wired Invisible Barrier Beam

The Wired Invisible Barrier Beam has a 100m range outdoors or a 300m range indoors. They can be used with our GSM Auto Dialler or the new 3G Auto Dialler Plus. When the invisible beam is triggered you will receive an alarm alert to your mobile phone – please check our ebay store!

Product Information

  • Outdoor Distance: 100m
  • Indoor Distance: 300m
  • Beams: 2
  • Optical Source: Infrared digital pulse mode
  • Response Speed: 50~700ms
  • Alarm Output: NC&NO contact rating AV/DC 30V/0.5A
  • Alarm Output-bus: MA bus across wave carrier model
  • Input Voltage: DC 9~24V, AC 11~18V
  • Current: 65mA
  • OperationTemperature/Humidity: -25℃~60℃ 5%~95%
  • Crust Material: PC resin tin metal
  • Level Adjustment Axis: 180°± 90°
  • Vertical Adjustment Axis: ±10°
  • Tamper Output: NC contact rating AV/DC 24V/0.5mA
  • Housing Material: Polycarbonate


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