GSM Wireless Beam Alarm

GSM Wireless Beam Alarm


GSM Module Specification

  • Quad band Freq 850/900/1800/1900 MHz 3G Model 2100Mhz
  • Power Supply Voltage: 9 – 24 DC – 1 Amp Min
  • Current used in standby mode: 60mA Max
  • IP65 Enclosure rating for outside installation
  • 2 Amp Relay output
  • Micro simcard
  • No landline required
  • Dimensions – L100 x W68 x H50mm Transmitter
  • Dimensions PCB Only – L95 x W67
  • Sim Active Function
  • Operating T emperature: -10…+40°C
  • Programmed by text/SMS message
  • Wireless Range – 20 Meters
  • Key Fob Arming / Disarming

Beam Specification

  • Alert Distance: 100 meters outdoors, 300 meters inside
  • Power Consumption: 65mA Max
  • Detection Mode: 2 beams blocked simultaneously
  • Optical Source: Infrared Digital Pulse Beam
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Overview of the GSM Wireless Beam Alarm

Our GSM Wireless Beam Alarm is a standalone alarm. Customers who purchase this alarm can install the device outdoors or indoors. The transmitter and receiver units (the beams) can be placed up 300m apart indoors and upto 100m apart outdoors. When someone passes through the invisible beams it will trigger the alarm then using GSM technology within the beam units it will alert you via phone call or text message.

How the GSM Wireless Beam Alarm works

The GSM Wireless Beam Alarm is UK manufactured using quad-band GSM frequency. Therefore, enabling the units to be used all over the world. Firstly, place a simcard into the unit and programme the required mobile numbers onto it. Secondly, provide 12 volts of power. Finally, set the beams at the required distance and it is ready to be used. If you require more information you can view the 2G 3G PERIMETER BEAM ALARM 2019 manual here.

Another feature of the GSM Wireless Beam is that it has a built in program which monitors the simcard and keeps it active. Therefore you never have to worry about the simcard and unit being deactivated. It also has a spare relay output so you can connect a siren or lighting device to warn off the intruder.


  • Power Supply Voltage: 9 – 24 volts DC – 1 Amp Min
  • IP65 enclosure rating
  • Micro Simcard
  • Sensor range: 300m indoors/100m outdoors
  • Dimensions: L100 x W68 x H50mm
  • Dipswitch settings for call or text alerts
  • Text for signal strength
  • Stay Active simcard function
  • Programme simcard by text messages
  • Key Fob Arming / Disarming
  • Audible Siren

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