GSM Intercom with Keypad

£365.00 (£438.00 incl VAT)

The GSM Intercom with Keypad allows you to speak to visitors at your gates and allow access using your mobile phone as the controller.

  • Quad band freq 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Power Supply Voltage: 12 – 24 DC
  • Stainless Steel Vandal Proof Enclosure.
  • Backlit Keypad.
  • Standard 2G simcard.
  • Dimensions L240 x W140 x H45mm.
  • Brushed Stainless Steel is 2mm thick.
  • Operating Temperature: -10…+40°C
  • Signal strength function.
  • Stay Active Simcard Function.
  • 3 Call points (activated in sequence)
  • Digit Keypad code access.
  • Phone list for direct access.
  • Hold gate open feature.
  • Pedestrian relay or door lock.
  • Easy programming using front keypad only.


Overview of the GSM Intercom with Keypad

The GSM Intercom with Keypad incorporates a professional industrial grade GSM engine. It receives calls at its SIM number, as any ordinary GSM phone. You can attach the GSM Intercom with Keypad to you existing electronic gates. This enables you to speak directly to visitors and allow access (or not) to your property using your mobile phone.

How the GSM Intercom with Keypad works

When a visitor arrives at the property they will press the call button on the intercom. This then connects to a phone number of your choosing. The Intercom can hold up to 3 numbers that would be called in sequence when a visitor presses the intercom button. Once you answer the phone and speak to them you can then open the gate using your phone and allow access remotely from wherever you are in the world!

As a pedestrian you can open the gates by dialing the simcard number held within the unit or by pressing a combination of your choice into the keypad.

Product Information

The GSM Intercom with Keypad is housed in a brushed stainless steel vandal proof box. It comes with a high quality backlit keypad and call button. The GSM Intercom with Keypad is easily wired into your gate or garage door systems. The box is small and durable and can be easily stored outside as it is housed in a perfectly weathered box (IP65 rating). It has also been tested in high heat and freezing weather conditions. For more information on our GSM Intercom with Keypad you can view the manual here

Customers can purchase this high end GSM Intercom at an amazing price. We are so confident in our products reliability durability that we now offer a 2 year product warranty and will replace any faulty models in that timescale.



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