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GSM Auto Dialler – 8 Inputs High and Low Trigger – 2G & 4G

GSM Auto Dialler – 8 Inputs High and Low Trigger – 2G & 4G

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GSM Auto Diallers work with all alarm panels as well as hundreds of other applications. Connect it to your alarm for text and/or call alerts when triggered.

8 Inputs which can accept a negative trigger indepently, one relay output , text and call alerts to 3 users- available in 2G and 4G models

  • Quad band freq 850/900/1800/1900/2100 MHz.
  • Power Supply Voltage: 9 to 24 volts DC.
  • Standard 2G or 4G simcard.
  • Dimensions – L170 x W120 x H60mm
  • Signal strength function.
  • Stay Active simcard Function.
  • Watchdog and self repair function.
  • Relay Out put which can be latched or pulsed
  • 8 Inputs.
  • High and Low Trigger


*This Auto dialler is the same as our standard dialler except it has an extra 4 inputs to make 8 inputs in total*

*the unit will send messages on both open and close of the inputs*

Overview of the GSM Auto Diallers

Customers can attach the GSM Auto Diallers to many electronic devices within homes, work, gardens or wherever you need it. The GSM Auto Dialler will alert the customer using GSM technology by sending a text message or a phone call. This alerts the customer to any problems wherever they are in the world! Customers can use all four independent inputs and the one output to allow them to send a command back to the Auto Dialler to reactivate or switch off the attached device.

For Example:

Customers are alerted using text or phone call when the attached alarm is triggered. They can then text back to switch it off using their phone.

What are the GSM Auto Diallers compatibe with?

The GSM Auto Diallers are compatible with all alarm systems. Simply connect the bell output of your alarm system to the input of either the 2G or 4G GSM Auto Dialler. Enabling customers to be alerted by text or phone call when the attached alarm is triggered. To power the auto dialler customers can connect it with the battery supply of the alarm box. Alternativley an external 12v source can be used.

Customers have purchased the Auto Dialler to connect to various systems including:

  • Security alarm system applications.
  • Supervision and monitoring alarm systems.
  • Automatic monitoring system.
  • Vending machines security protection.
  • Pumping stations; tanks, oil or water levels.
  • Buildings and real estate.
  • Weather stations.
  • River monitoring and flood control.
  • Fridges/Fish Tanks.
  • Farming equipment and security.

You can also connect the Auto Dialler to accessories such as Beam Alarms, PIR Sensors and the Siren to create an alarm.

Why choose the GSM Auto Dialler

GSM Auto Diallers are set apart from other models on the market by using quadband frequency as well as either 2G or 4G. Subsequently, customers frequently purchase these worldwide including all over Europe, USA and Australia with excellent feedback. The GSM Auto Diallers come in an IP65 rated enclosure. Not only does this allow for indoor installation but also outside. Similarly, as we test all devices in high heat and freezing weather conditions this provides customers with reliable products.

As we manufacture these models ourselves we can offer modifications to the units to meet your requirements. Therefore, if you need something different from this listing please contact us directly. Most of the time we can implement a simple program change at no extra cost.

Furthermore, we are so confident in our products reliability and durability that we now offer a two year product warranty and will replace any faulty models in that timescale.

The difference between 2G and 4G

These GSM Auto Diallers are available in either 2G or 4G. 2G technology is an older technology and has been shut down in some places in the world. Although there is no confirmed date of 2G being shut down in the UK some areas may have a stronger 4G signal. We have stopped selling 3G due to the upcoming closure of 3G frequency across Europe at the end of 2022


Modular Plug In Boards

we are developing plug in boards to enhance the Auto Diallers capablities, so far we have two plug in boards available

  • 8 Input Plug in Board – An Extra 4 Inputs can be added via this plug in board, the dialler will also trigger on open and close of the input
  • RF Plug in Board – 4 RF devices can be added via this plug in board, these can be wireless beams, Pirs, smoke detectors – the range of this is 100 metres so can turn a dialler into an alarm system


Additional information


2G, 4G


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