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GSM 4G Auto Dialler Plus Temperature Alarm & Power Loss Alarm & Two Way Audio

GSM 4G Auto Dialler Plus Temperature Alarm & Power Loss Alarm & Two Way Audio

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UK manufactured GSM 4G Auto Dialler Plus , Our most Versatile unit working on both 2G and 3G frequency with battery back up and texts and calls to alert you to a problem.

With 4 inputs and 2 Outputs plus on board battery, Mic, Temperature sensor it can be used for many applications.

● GSM Frequency: Quadband Frequency 850/900/1800/1900/2100 Mhz
● 4G Bands : B1 -B5, B7 – B8, B12 – B14, B18 – B20, B25 , B26, B28 , B66, B71
● Power Supply Voltage: 9 – 24 volts DC
● Current Used in Standby Mode: 70 Milliamps
● Max Current: Up to 2 Amps
● Standard 2G 3G 4G Simcard
● No landline required
● Dimensions – L170 x W120 x H60mm
● Weight – 360 grams
● Operating Temperature: -10…+40°C
● Signal Strength Function
● Stay Active Simcard Function
● Watchdog and Self Repair Function
● 4 Inputs
● 2 – 10 Amp Relay Outputs
● 1 Standalone Alarm Sensor Input
● Temperature Reading by Text Message
● Temperature Alarm Controller
● Optional Speaker to speak to people near the unit
● Optional Microphone you can call into and listen to the surroundings of the unit.
● Mains Failure and Restore Alarm
● Battery Backup for up to 24 hours standby



Overview of the GSM 4G Auto Dialler Plus Temperature Alarm & Power Loss Alarm

The Multi Purpose GSM 4G Auto Dialler Plus is ideal for alarm monitoring. It is compatible on both 2G and 3G networks. It works with all alarm panels with negative triggering through two inputs. The relay outputs are ideal for switching on external devices such as CCTV, lighting and heating. The plus model also includes aditional extras

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Mains failure monitoring with battery backup
  • Alarm input for PIR and IR Beams.
  • It also features on board tilt sensing
  • Microphone for covert listening and an optional speaker for full two way audio

The GSM 4G Auto Dialler Plus can be used on many of your devices in your homes; work, gardens, work places or wherever you may need it. The GSM 4G Auto Dialler Plus uses GSM technology and sends you a text or call to your mobile phone or land line when the attached alarm is triggered so you are aware of a problem, failure or status change.

GSM 4G Auto Dallier Plus Temperature Alarm

The “plus” has several new functions from our standard dialler, the two main ones are Temperature Alarm, where you can set a high or low alarm, and when the temperature drops or rises to that figure it will send you a call or text alert. It also has a power loss alarm where when power disapears for 4 minutes, the unit will revert to a backup battery which lasts 24 hours and will text and call you to let you know there has been a power loss

Our GSM 4G Auto Dialler is set apart from other models on the market by using quadband frequency as well as 3G. This means they can be used worldwide even in places where 2G has been shutdown like USA and Australia where we have great feedback. Therefore giving us confidence in our products reliability and durability. We are so confident in our products that we give all our products a two year warranty.

Added Extras for the GSM 4G Auto Dialler

The GSM 4G Auto Dialler Plus comes in an IP65 rated enclosure. This means the unit is completely weatherproof enabling you to use the unit outside as well as indoors.

As we manufacture these models ourselves we can offer modifications to the unit’s to meet your requirements. If you need something different from this listing please contact us directly. Most of the times we can implement a simple program change at no extra cost.

We sell a speaker box in our accesories page to enable two way audio


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