Securing your business or garage and the goods within is vital. Our team at GSM Activate have designed and manufactured a system that allows you to access your roller shutter using the latest GSM technology as well as the 2G network.

How the GSM Roller Shutter works

The GSM Roller Shutter Opener stores upto 50 mobile numbers. The system uses its technology to recognise the calling number. The caller then operates the roller shutter using their mobile phone. If a number calling is not in its memory, the system will not allow access to the property.

Installation and Programming

Installing and programming is simple and wont require an installer. Furthermore, being housed in a perfectly weathered box enables the unit to be installed inside as well as outdoors. Simply connect to your existing electronic roller shutter system and programme using your mobile phone. If however, you experience any difficulties please contact us. A member of our team will be happy to talk you through the process.


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