GSM Gate Opener

We at GSM Activate understand that securing your homes, workplaces and garages is of paramount importance to our customers. Our aim is to provide a brand our customers can trust. Therefore, ensuring reliability, compatability, and durability. Our dedicated manufacturing team designs GSM Gate Opener systems that work with the latest GSM technology. Ultimately, providing our customers with high a quality gate opener they can trust.

What is the GSM Gate Opener

Customers can connect our most basic gate opener system to their existing electric gate system. The GSM Gate Opener has a memory to hold stored number. Therefore, when the customer calls their gate opener system it will recognise the number calling. Firstly it will reject the call to avoid call charges, secondly it will open the gates. Other functions include, holding the gate open and pedestrian gate access.

Installation and Programming

Installing and programming the GSM Gate Openers is easy and does not always require an installer. However, if you are having difficulties please call us. We will be happy to guide you through the process.

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