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Getting Protected!

Getting Protected!

Why do you need protection?

According to the Office of National Statistics (2019) there has been a reported increase of 3% in vehicle offences. This includes a 7% rise in the theft or unauthorised taking of a vehicle, an 11% increase in robbery and 4% increase in burglary. It should be noted that these are only reported figures. However, many people don’t report these offences so potentially these figures could be much higher.

These figures provide evidence of the need to protect our belongings, homes and vehicles. But why only protect with alarm sirens that only sound that are there to deter the intruder. Surely it would be better to have an alarm that notifies you of the disturbance instantly enabling you to do something about it at the time.

What GSM Activate can offer you

At GSM Activate we manufacture such alarms and access control products. These products help to secure and protect your property and possessions and at the same time alert you to potential disturbances. Take the 2G & 3G GSM AUTO DIALER, it can be connected to any alarm panel and will text or call you when the alarm is triggered. Therefore, alerting you to the disturbance. Therefore, putting you in control 24/7. We have a wide range of products suitable for many needs. Why not browse our product page or contact us directly and we will be happy to help with any enquiry. Furthermore, as we manufacture all of our products inhouse we can often design bespoke products. Please contact us for more information.

Updates and New Products

Finally, with technology constantly evolving and changing it is important to stay up to date. Most of our products are now available on either 2G, 3G and now 4G. This enables worldwide use. Furthermore, we often ship all over Europe, USA and Australia with great feedback of which you can check out in our trust pilot reviews.

Please check back regularly for updates. We are constantly updating and designing new products and aim to post here with our latest updates and designs. Simply fill in our form and we will add you to our mailing list


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