Q: Does this unit work in my country?

A: yes these unit’s are quad-band meaning they work worldwide

Q: How much will this cost me for operating the Simcard?

A: The gate opener will cost nothing as it hangs up when it receives the call, the auto-dialler will charge roughly 10p a text for alarm text alerts and the Timer/Switch and auto-dialler will also charge roughly 10p every time you activate the relay as it sends you a text acknowledgement.

Q: Will any simcard work?

A: You will need to use a 2G Simcard, for UK orders we will supply one but for customers abroad please bear the need for 2G when you order a simcard from you telephone operators

Q: Will the unit still operate in the rain? I plan to install outside to a pump system?

A: Yes the box is IP65 rated, rain will be unable to get inside the unit and affect the circuit.

Q: What size simcard will fit in?

A: You will need to use a standard size sim, micro and nano simcards will not fit. You can buy an adaptor from the accesories section of the shop which will convert nano / micro to the correct standard size

Q: Does the gate opener open gates on its own?

A: No this is not a stand-alone unit, it needs to be wired into an existing electric gate system.

Q: Can I still use my key fobs / passes for the gate opener?

A: Yes the unit adds additional functionality so you can still your gates with your old system

Q: Does the unit work my gate product?

A: Yes the unit works with all gate control boxes

Q: Can the GSM Switch be used for my heater, I would like to be able to activate it remotely?

A: Yes the switch can be used for nearly every electric device

Q: Can the text message be changed?

A: Yes please message us before or with the order, we can make a change in the program before we ship out to you